Scuba Breathe High Pressure Air Compressor 6cfm 4500psi for Filling

The SCW150 and SCW100 are portable, air cooled, four stages, high pressure 4500psi compressors powered by an electric single phase 110/220 volt or three phase motor or gas engine. It works at filling SCUBA, SCBA, and Paintball cylinders tanks on the ground or on boats for deep diving breath, high pressure seal test. Fill an 80 cu ft scuba tank in about 20 minutes and one tank at one time.
They are all equiped with moisture dryer and active carbon air filter to provide professional grade breathing air..


*150L/min 6SCFM
* 30Mpa 300Bar 4500PSI
* Driven: electric motor / Gas or Diesel powered
* EN12021 DIN 3188 Grade Air