8cfm 125psi Oil Free Scroll Medical Compressor 3HP

The OSC product line includes 5-180 hp 100% oil-free scroll compressors , the dry scroll airend producing highly efficient and Class Zero compressed air quality,air and water-cooled versions, multiple pressures max 150psi and an optional integrated dryer with PM VSD DRIVEN


*200L/min 15SCFM
* 8bar 125psi
* Driven: belt/direct/PM-VSD



The Rotary Scroll compressor is a popular style compressor and is used primarily for air conditioning refrigerant systems.  Recently, since it is very efficient, quiet and reliable it has been adopted by industrial air compressor manufacturer’s to expand their product offering for their smaller, high-efficiency product line.

They operate on the principle of two intermeshing spirals or scrolls with one being stationary while the other rotates or orbits in relation to it.  They are mounted with 180° phase displacement between them which forms air pockets having different volumes.  Air enters through the inlet port located in the rotating/orbiting scroll which fills the chambers and as is moved along and compressed along the scroll surfaces.

Some of the key advantages of a Rotary Scroll Compressor are:

  • Pulsation free delivery due to the continuous flow from the suction port to the outlet port.
  • No metal to metal contact thereby eliminating the need for lubrication
  • Low noise levels
  • Fewer moving parts means less maintenance
  • Energy Efficient
  • Air cooled