Air Treatment & Refrigerated Air Dryer 230v/60hz/1PH 180-220cfm

In many applied experiments,the moisture in the compressed air cause high costs more often,as shut down or system damaged increase maintenance cost and inferior products,so the compressed air must be purified. Our air-cooling type refrigerate dryer can solve this trouble,offer you with low pressure dew point,removal of the moisture in the compressed air in different condition.

1.Top strcuture design,pressure loss less than 0.02Mpa

2.Low pressure dew point 2-3℃,working pressure 0.3-1.0 Mpa

3.Famous brand refrigerate compressor,more higher effiency and reliability

4.Electricity power 220v/1ph(SE10-80)

5.SE-HA series:
Entrance temperature ≤ 80℃
Environment temperature ≤ 45℃
SE-A series:
Entrance temperature ≤ 45℃
Environment temperature ≤ 40℃

6.Environment protected refrigerant 134a R407c can be chosen

  • Model SE30A
  • Capacity 133 CFM
  • Work Pressure 100-200 PSI
  • Dimension 33”-21”-39”
  • Weight 150 lbs
  • Model SE40A
  • Capacity 180 CFM
  • Work Pressure 100-200 PSI
  • Dimension 41”-40”-50”
  • Weight 180 lbs