Oil Free Oxygen Booster Compressor(High pressure, Medium and low pressure)

HP cylinder filling systems from 150 to 200 bar
DMCUSA offers a full range of high-pressure oxygen cylinder filling systems to fill every day from 10 to 100 oxygen cylinders at a pressure of 150 to 200 bar.

Designed to be connected to an oxygen generator , the systems provide full autonomy to the users who can easily fill their own bottles and manage flows.

Technical datas
Flow : from 5 to 100 Nm3/h
Filling pressure : from 150 to 200 bar
Daily filling capacity (quantity of 40L cylinders) : from 1 to 100
Pwer supply : from 230V to 400V
Motor power : from 2.2Kw to 22Kw
Glass Industry
Fish farming
Veterinary / Healthcare
Metal Industry
Water treatment